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Welcome to Blackwater Fire Protection



Blackwater Fire Protection is a privately owned company, established in 2007 and based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Blackwater specializes in designing and installing fire protection/suppression systems to suit any type of building or occupancy. We serve all of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the B.C. interior.



Fire sprinkler systems have been proven to drastically reduce the the number of fatalities and property damage caused by fire each year. Due to their effectiveness, sprinkler systems are now required to be installed within most new buildings currently constructed in Canada and the United States. Previously, smaller buildings such as single family homes have not been subject to these requirements, however, many jurisdictions have already mandated that this be changed, and many more are in the process of passing legislation.


     Fire Facts:

  • In 2008 US fire departments responded to 1,451,500 fires. These fires caused 3,320 civilian deaths and 16,705 injuries.
  • On average, fire departments responded to a fire every 22 seconds and a strucure fire every 61 seconds. Fire claimed nine lives every day, in the US alone.
  • Sprinkler systems decrease the fire death rate by 83%, and the average loss per home fire by 74%.

              Statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association